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90 Day Fitness Challenge

90 DAy2Our next 90 Day Fitness Challenge starts Saturday, April 3 and ends 90 days later right on time for summer. – REGISTER NOW

We invite everyone to give themselves this gift, no matter what your fitness level may be.  You do not need to start exactly on this date but you should start soon.  2015 Summer is right around the corner.

To sign up to the fitness challenge, you can click here or see someone at our front office.

Class times will be Saturday at 8:30am and 5:30pm and Sundays at 9:30am.  Please come one hour early your first day in order to get weighed in and get your t-shirt.

Fitness tests will be done three times per challenge.  They will get harder as the challenge goes on.  This fitness class will be run as a bootcamp.  We will work out not only your cardio but also your core strength.  You may go at your own pace.  If you have limited movement in some areas due to injury and so on, please make sure an instructor knows so that they can give you alternate exercises to do.  If you have a friend that would like to join the 90 day Fitness challenge, we would love to hear from them.  Please enter their information HERE and we can give them a call or email.

There will be a FREE T-shirt that comes with the challenge but we will have extra T-shirt for purchase as this will be your uniform for class and must be worn in all classes.  The t-shirts cost $20.

There will be one winner for the challenge and they are based on percentage of body weight lost. Winner will win $600.  Not only will you be in tip top shape but you will also have extra change to buy your new clothes after this challenge.

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